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"Most institutional histories of medical schools tell the narrow story of the creation and growth of that specific
school and fail to put this story into the broader context of American medical educational change. Fortunately Eric
Luft avoids this typical shortcoming and places the history of his medical school, SUNY Upstate Medical University,
within the broader context of American medical history, from the school’s early nineteenth-century beginnings in
Geneva, New York, into the first decade of the twenty-first century in Syracuse."

                -- Jonathon Erlen, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, in
The Watermark, 29, 2 (Spring 2006): 34-35.
SUNY Upstate Medical University: A Pictorial History by Eric v.d. Luft
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PDF file of the
bibliography and
SUNY Upstate Medical University: A Pictorial History is a sturdy, Smyth-sewn
paperback, 9½ by 6½ inches, viii + 184 pages, copiously illustrated with photos,
drawings, and documents from the Upstate Archives and other sources in Upstate’s
Special Collections Vault. Written by Upstate Medical University's Curator of
Historical Collections Emeritus, loaded with facts, fully indexed, and handsomely
designed, it will be an accurate, valuable, and easy to use reference tool for the history
of Geneva Medical College, Syracuse University College of Medicine, and Upstate
Medical University for years to come.
"... a treasure trove of information --  
and a treasure."  

--Thomas S. Szasz, M.D.,  
internationally renowned psychiatrist  
and philosopher of medicine  
"Deans John Heffron, Herman
Weiskotten, and Julius Richmond
all played major roles on the national
scene, and ... Luft tells their stories well."

-- Gert H. Brieger, M.D., Ph.D., Johns
Hopkins University, in
The Bulletin of
the History of Medicine
, 81, 2
(Summer 2007): 498.
The history of medicine in Central New York has national
and international as well as local and regional importance.
Elizabeth Blackwell, the world’s first woman physician to
earn her M.D. by completing the regular course of study at
an accredited medical school, received that degree in
Central New York. Alumni and faculty of Upstate Medical
University and its predecessor institutions have achieved
greatness that has enriched medicine and society around
the world since 1834. This book tells their stories.
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