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Gegensatz Press
Martin Slotty (1884-1945)
Kierkegaard's Epistemology:
A Centrally Directed Assessment of
the Efficacy of his Authorship

translated by
Eric v.d. Luft
Die Erkenntnislehre S.A.
Eine Würdigung seiner
vom zentralen Gesichtspunkte aus


with a foreword by
M.G. Piety
Martin Slotty, Kierkegaard's Epistemology
"No find was more important to me ... than this little ... introduction to
Kierkegaard's epistemology ... comprised primarily of passages extracted
from Kierkegaard's works, with only occasional additions of analysis of
their meaning. The relative paucity of analysis is explicable, however, by
the fact that the passages more or less explain themselves. That is part of
what makes the book so important. It shows very clearly that one does not
have to dig deep to see that epistemological concerns were central to
Kierkegaard's thought. ... This little book provides a necessary corrective
to the view that ... epistemological concerns did not figure largely in his

works. They did. ... This book is valuable ... not simply as an introduction to
Kierkegaard's epistemology, but also as an introduction to the historical
reception of Kierkegaard's thought. It is rich with references to such early
Kierkegaard scholars as Olaf Peder Monrad, Harald Höffding, and Albert
Bärthold, to name just a few. It demonstrates unequivocally not only that
many early scholars got Kierkegaard wrong, but also that some actually got
him right, and that we can benefit even today from reading them."

-- from the foreword by M.G. Piety
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