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Luft, Meeker, Hanford, and
Wooddy Genealogies in
America, Sweden, and Great Britain
Gegensatz Press
ISBN 978-1-62130-766-2 (hardback), $39.95
ISBN 978-1-62130-755-6 (PDF e-book), $9.95
ISBN 978-1-62130-754-9 (Kindle e-book), $8.99
ISBN 978-1-62130-756-3 (EPUB e-book), $8.99
Luft, Meeker, Hanford, and Wooddy genealogies
Also contains material pertaining to the Campbell, Crews, Falck, Finch, Fitch, Foster,
Gage, Hoyt, Morton, Olmstead, Packard, Payson, Rhea, Seeley, Sheldon, Snow,
Washburn, Watson, Webster, and Whipple families, and many others.
Genealogical facts, controversies, and stories about the ancestors and allied families of:
The Lufts in Sweden, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New York.
The Meekers in England, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York.
The Hanfords in England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.
The Wooddys in Scotland, Ireland, England, Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas.
Limited Edition:
Each copy individually signed and numbered.
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