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SUNY Upstate Medical University: A Pictorial History by Eric v.d. Luft
Losing My Patience: Why I Quit the Medical Game, by Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.
Gegensatz Press Books Published on Amazon Kindle
The Value of Suicide, by Eric v.d. Luft
ACE Guidebook for Clerkship Directors -- 4th edition
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101 Tips on Getting into Medical School -- Second Edition, Updated, Revised, Enlarged, by Jennifer C. Welch
Widespread Zombification in the 21st Century and the Wars of the Zombie Masters
E-book: Quick Psychiatry, by Nutan Atre Vaidya, M.D.
Hit, by Mary Edwards Walker, M.D.
is German for
"opposition" or
"alternative state
of affairs."
ACE Handbook on Medical Student Evaluation and Assessment