What do Ludwig von Baldass,
Theodore Rolly Ball,
John Cawte Beaglehole,
Guido van Deth,
Fulvia de Cunto Fadigas,
Dingle Foot,
Rev. Daniel Parish Kidder,
Thomas Strangeways Pigg-Strangeways,
Franciscus Petrus Hubertus Prick van Wely,
Walter Lytle Pyle,
Hendrik Peter Godfried Quack,
Lazar Shitnitzky,
Elephant Smith,
Preserved Smith,
Increase Niles Tarbox,
and over 2000 others
have in common?

They are all real names of real people.
They are all verified entries in library catalogs.
They are all on The Inscribed List.
"Luft's List, compiled by a librarian with an eye for the
weird and wonderful, greatly expands the 'Remarkable
Names of Real Authors' section of our Bizarre Books,
setting a new benchmark -- which, no doubt, will
challenge other librarians with time on their hands to
jump even higher (or perhaps that should be lower)."

   -- Russell Ash and Brian Lake, authors of
   Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic
                   Oddities (Harper Perennial, 2007)
Funny names -- The Inscribed List
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