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About the Authors:

John Grier Hibben was born in Peoria, Illinois, on April 19, 1861. He received his B.A. in 1882 from Princeton University, where he was both
president of his class and valedictorian. After attending Princeton Theological Seminary from 1883 to 1886, he was ordained a Presbyterian
minister in 1887. He received his A.M. in philosophy in 1885 and his Ph.D. in philosophy in 1993, both from Princeton University. He joined
the Princeton University faculty in 1891 as instructor in logic, later taught psychology and Bible, became full professor of logic in 1897, and
served as president of Princeton University from 1912 to 1932. Among his books are
Inductive Logic (1896), The Problems of Philosophy:
An Introduction to the Study of Philosophy
(1898), Hegel’s Logic: An Essay in Interpretation (1902), Logic, Deductive and Inductive
(1905), The Philosophy of the Enlightenment (1910), A Defence of Prejudice, and Other Essays (1911), The Higher Patriotism (1915),
Self-Legislated Obligations (1927). He died in Woodbridge, New Jersey, on May 16, 1933.

Eric v.d. Luft earned his B.A. magna cum laude in philosophy and religion at Bowdoin College in 1974 and his Ph.D. in philosophy at Bryn Mawr
College in 1985. From 1987 to 2006 he was Curator of Historical Collections at SUNY Upstate Medical University. He has taught at Villanova
University, Syracuse University, Upstate Medical University, and the College of Saint Rose, and is listed in
Who’s Who in America. Luft has
written extensively in philosophy, religion, history, history of medicine, and nineteenth-century studies. He is the author, co-author, editor, or
translator of over 650 publications, including
Hegel, Hinrichs, and Schleiermacher on Feeling and Reason in Religion: The Texts of Their
1821-22 Debate
(1987); God, Evil, and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of Religion (2004); A Socialist Manifesto (2007); Die at the
Right Time: A Subjective Cultural History of the American Sixties
(2009); Ruminations: Selected Philosophical, Historical, and
Ideological Papers
(volume 1, 2010; volume 2, 2013); and The Value of Suicide (2012).
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Hegel's Shorter Logic: An Introduction and Commentary / John Grier Hibben and Eric v.d. Luft
ISBN 978-0-9655179-7-3 (Kindle e-book). $4.99
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Since its publication in 1902, John Grier Hibben's classic work on Hegel's Encyclopedia
has been one of the clearest, most illuminating, most helpful, and most popular
expositions of this rich and difficult text. Nevertheless, its language has needed to be
modernized, its interpretations have needed to be revised and updated in view of recent
Hegel scholarship, and its findings have needed to be related to a wider context in the
history of philosophy. Writing as Hibben's co-author, Eric v.d. Luft has done all this
and more, adding two chapters and an annotated bibliography, expanding the glossary,
providing exact citations, keying the commentary directly to Hegel's section numbers,
supplying illustrations and examples, and strengthening the arguments. The result is
an excellent supplementary text for 21st-century students and Hegel scholars.