“... approachable and engaging. The author has a light touch and
presents complex questions and debates clearly without resorting to
simplification or generalization. Most positively of all, however, is that
this is an introduction to the philosophy of religion that has a
refreshingly broad understanding of its subject.”

— Russell Re Manning, University of Cambridge, in
in Religion and Theology
, 12, 2 (April 2005): 229-232
“In God, Evil, and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of Religion, Eric v.d. Luft has put together a marvelous selection
of texts raising basic questions about the nature of religion, God, evil, faith, and spirituality. Luft’s selection of texts is
historically rich and the topical arrangement eases their accessibility to even the novice reader. Luft’s knowledge of the
field is exhaustive and his writing style clarity itself. I recommend this book as an excellent path into the discussions and
issues of philosophy of religion as they have been framed since the nineteenth century.”

— Heidi M. Ravven, Professor and Chair,
Department of Religious Studies, Hamilton College
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God, Evil, and Ethics presents the basic elements of the philosophy of religion tradition in a new and provocative way. The author’s original philosophical
narrative is interspersed with rich selections from Plato, Boethius, Thomas Aquinas, Anselm, Pascal, Descartes, Paley, Leibniz, Hume, Hegel, Kant, Mill,
Stephen, Royce, James, and Clifford. Included are Plato’s complete
Phaedo and Euthyphro, Hume’s complete essays “Of Miracles” and “On Suicide,”
several other unabridged works, and many excerpted pieces. The history and concepts of philosophy of religion emerge more clearly through this
integration and interrelation of classical texts with modern summary and interpretation.

The aim of
God, Evil, and Ethics is to bring together as much important material as possible, as logically as possible, in as few pages as possible for
high-quality “one-stop shopping” at a reasonable cost. It is appropriate for students in four-year college, junior college, community college, upper-level
prep school, and post-graduate non-credit enrichment courses in the philosophy of religion, as well as for the intelligent general reader.

The author wrote both his doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis on Hegel’s philosophy of religion and has taught at Villanova University,

Syracuse University, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and the College of St. Rose. He has held Surdna, Whiting, Wood, and
U.S. Dept. of Education fellowships and is listed in Who’s Who in America.
God Evil and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of Religion by Eric v.d. Luft
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