George L. Kline

On Hegel

Fifteen important papers about Hegel covering forty-five years of
work by one of America's most prominent Hegel scholars:

1. "What Marx Could ... and Should Have Learned from Hegel" (1974)
2. "Hegel and the Marxist-Leninist Critique of Religion" and "Reply to Commentators" (1970)
3. "Present, Past, and Future in the Writings of Alexander Herzen" (1990)
4. "The Use and Abuse of Hegel by Nietzsche and Marx" (1989)
5. "Hegel and Solovyov" (1974)
6. "The Existentialist Rediscovery of Hegel and Marx" (1971)
7. "Concept and Concrescence: An Essay in Hegelian-Whiteheadian Ontology" (1986)
8. "Some Recent Reinterpretations of Hegel's Philosophy" (1964)
9. "Gustav G. Shpet as Interpreter of Hegel" (1999)
10. "The Hegelian Roots of S.L. Frank's Ethics and Social Philosophy" (1994)
11. "Lukács's Use and Abuse of Hegel and Marx" (1987)
12. "Pierre Macherey's
Hegel ou Spinoza" (1990)
13. "The Dialectic of Action and Passion in Hegel's
Phenomenology of Spirit" (1970)
14. "Life as Ontological Category: A Whiteheadian Note on Hegel" (1980)
15. "Shpet as Translator of Hegel's
Phänomenologie des Geistes" (2009)
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George L. Kline on Hegel
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George L. Kline -- On Hegel