Edgar Bauer: Critique's Quarrel with Church and State
Critique's Quarrel with Church and State
translated and with an introduction by
Eric v.d. Luft
Der Streit der Kritik mit Kirche und Staat
(second edition, 1844)
Edgar Bauer (1820-1886)
with the German text, modernized
for spelling and syntax
From the translator's introduction:
"While much of this book is Edgar's attempt to defend his older brother Bruno, the founder and primary
exponent of Young Hegelian critique, against attacks from conservative Christian authorities and
apologists, the greater part - and the main message - is straightforward political philosophy, written in a
brash, accessible, sarcastic, no-holds-barred style - not at all ponderous, as we might have expected from
a German author. His overarching theme is that faith is justified if and only if it is faith in reason and in
the power of the human intellect, but never if it is faith which defies or denies reason, logic, history,
nature, the human spirit, or especially science. Unreflective conformity with the faith of others or with
the dictates of the ecclesiastical or sociopolitical order is even worse."
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