1. What is America?
2. What is Conservatism?
   Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The Conservative" (1841)
3. From Revolution to Unity
4. From Reconstruction to Depression
   Andrew Carnegie, "Wealth" (1889)
5. From Recovery to Freedom, Equality, and Dignity
6. Trickling Down into the War of All Against All
7. Institutionalizing the Inconsistent and the Irrational
8. Conflict of Interest as a Way of Life
9. Return to Feudalism
   Cynthia McKinney, Letter to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (2001)
10. What Needs to be Done?
   1. Overturn the Citizens United Decision
   2. Outlaw Gerrymandering
   3. Abolish the Electoral College
   4. Outlaw Corporate or Organizational Contributions to Political Campaigns
   5. Outlaw Political Contributions from Outside the Voting District
   6. Mandate Full Disclosure for All Major Candidates
   7. Remove the Cap on Social Security Contributions
   8. Tax the Rich to Balance the Budget and Reduce the National Debt
   9. Restore a Strictly Graduated Progressive Income Tax with Many Brackets
   10. Revive and Restore the Fairness Doctrine
   11. Fund Public Education Completely and Equitably
   12. Revise and Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
   13. Install a Single-Payer Federal Health Care Plan
   14. Enact Sensible Firearms Control Laws
   15. Restore a Reasonable Amount of Privacy
   16. Reduce the Power of the Senate and House Majority Leaders
   17. Make Election Day a National Midweek Holiday
   18. Always Ask:
Cui bono?
Appendix: On Trumpism
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